This music is true. When you hear someone who is meant to make music perform, the impact is certain and powerful. This is the experience that comes with listening to Aaron Flinn (solo or with his band Salad Days). The music is meant to be and anyone who takes the time to hear it will be stronger for it.

Aaron Flinn plays anything he can get his hands on and writes, engineers, records and performs most of the material that you'll hear. Aaron also loves hitting the studio or stage with a long list of incredibly talented characters: poets, prophets, beats, bastards, wizards, fairies, family and friends.

Elements of folk, indie rock and classic country combine with powerful vocals, poetic lyrics and finger-picking guitar. An eclectic group of americana and rock songs, with an emphasis on lyrical substance and performance from the soul. Aaron began playing and writing in high school. He won numerous competitions in performance and writing throughout his time at UVM and Berklee College of Music (where he graduated Magna Cum Laude - for what it's worth). He has gone onto release an impressive body of original work, all the while touring such hallowed venues as Red Rocks Amphitheater, The Great American Music Hall and many House of Blues and working with the likes of The Samples, Gov't Mule, Joe Bonamassa, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Don McLean and Tragically Hip to name but a few.

My Left or Your Left? - 10 original tunes
Rattle - 16 original tunes - radio airplay
Life of Riley - 18 original tunes - radio airplay
Flower+Bird=Butterfly - 12 original tunes - radio airplay
Half Mast (double disc) - 41 original tunes/one cover - radio airplay
Giving up the Ghost - 15 original tunes/one cover - radio airplay
Oroboros - 17 original tunes/one cover - radio airplay
Miss Ready Blossom and the Seed of Dreams - 11 original tunes / three covers - international radio airplay

Set List:
Depending on show length, sets would range from 45 minutes to 2 hours and we're happy to play as long as necessary. Set lists include a handful of personalized cover songs (here comes the sun, somewhere over the rainbow, ring of fire) shuffled into the original body of work (represented on seven full length releases - listed above).

Basic Requirements:
Solo performances: typically supply personal system for voice, acoustic guitar and ukulele. Full Band performances: two to three vocals, bass amp (and DI), electric guitar amp, acoustic guitar DI, ukulele DI and full drum through house PA We like big stages.

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